Part 2: Oscillators and Waveforms

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Lynn4 Apr 20, 2012
I would have given this a 5 but for the fact that I could not see the oscilloscope apart from when close ups were shown. I'm really pleased that I have found these courses as Richard is thorough in his teaching and explains well. It is special to get an obviously very knowledgeable person to teach beginners at their level in such a way as to help them learn and want to know more. :)
marsalone Aug 8, 2011
Richard, thanks for the great lesson about waveforms and their harmonic content. Loads of good information presented at a nice mellow pace. Lot of guys just blaze through the material and you don't get a chance to process it in your brain. With this pace I can think about what your saying, make connections and absorb it all in one viewing. Very informative with good demonstrations. Richard, you're a great teacher.
ELECTRICFL Jun 24, 2009
Great lesson. I get so much more from visual lessons like this then from reading this material in a book. For example I had read before a description of the waveforms based on their harmonics, but I didnt quite get it until this description. Very clear and through.
Christopher S Apr 16, 2009
I was trying to rate this a 5 - I thought I had to click on all five but it only picked up a 2. Please change if possible. This was very interesting and clearly described. My audio level is a little weak though but I can hear it.
RainstormRich Oct 27, 2008
Sorry, I didn't actually emphasize in my last comment that this is really an amazing help and is well explained, so thanks for this lesson! PS-I've just realized how much better you can see the waveform lines if you change the screen to full size which I couldn't see before.
RainstormRich Sep 10, 2008
Yes, like the other guys, you can't make out the oscilloscope lines on the screen which is a shame. Still, a detailed & in depth lesson here!
fischek May 7, 2007
I agree with RichardHK. I thought it was my monitor, but I guess no one can see the waves clearly. Other than that, I hope I will understand the various connections in the next episode - mainly how to control the sound with the osc.
RichardHK May 4, 2007
Good clear presentation by Richard himself but could be even better to have close-ups of oscilloscope screen in a window overlay at corner perhaps? Or more cutaways to screen? Web video resolution and video/LCD contrast not good enough to see fine lines.
fernando Mar 26, 2007
like the first, super clear...