Ear Training

Ear Training

Welcome to Ear Training!

These lessons are designed to help train your mind to interpret what you are hearing. We've added three new sections: Intervals, Chords, and Chord Progressions. These sections are arranged in order of overall difficulty, so if you are new to ear training and music theory, I recommend working on the beginner and intermediate exercises of Intervals and then Chords before you jump into Chord Progressions. The Melody section contains the original Ear Training lessons (notation with answers has been added), and there are new video lessons with Jordan for each difficulty as well!

With each lesson, we've provided notation for a worksheet that you can print out to write your answers to the exercises. The time code after each exercise number represents the track time in the mp3 where that exercise begins. Once you have completed the exercises you wish to work on, you can check your answers in the second pdf file. The answer sheets contain one exercise per page so that you can view the answers for a particular exercises without having to see answers for exercises you may not have completed yet. So, if you complete Exercise 3 and want to check your answers, open the answers pdf and go to page 3.

We've included several exercises for each concept that is introduced, but it is not expected that you complete them all. If you are already familiar with intervals, for instance, and find that you can identify major and minor seconds with ease, don't worry about completing all six exercises for that concept. If you come across a concept that you have more difficulty with, however, then you will have additional exercises you can work on.


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