7th Chords (1st/2nd Inversion)

If you are feeling confident from the intermediate inversion lessons, it is time to identify inversions of seventh chords. Technically, seventh chords can also be in third inversion, but since they are less common in actual music than the other two inversions, we will stick to just the first two inversions for this lesson.

Use the same method for seventh chords as you did for determining the inversion of triads, but remember to account for the fourth pitch. If the chord is not in root position, there will be either a major or minor second interval between two of the notes, which should be an easy interval to hear if you are humming each pitch of the chord. If you find the interval of a second, you know that those two notes represent the seventh and root of the chord, which should make it easier to figure out which part of the chord is the lowest pitch.

To assist you, each chord is also played as individual pitches.

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by LiamBrzezinski