Stick Grip

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ironwolg Feb 6, 2010
I'm a guitar player.......looks like I'm screwed XD
Electrode Feb 23, 2008
Personally, I've found that a good and fairly universal place to begin searching for the balance point of a particular stick is to start with your fulcrum about a third of the way down the stick from the butt end. From there, you can determine whether the stick is too top-heavy (in which case you must move your fulcrum closer to the tip end, thereby reducing the amount of stick weight under your control), or too light (in which case you must move your fulcrum back towards the butt end, giving you more stick weight to control).
gfiguero937 Jun 3, 2007
Hi reznet!, if you try it yourself you will see that if you grab the stick near to the back you will have almost no rebound and it dies, if you grab it too near to the tip the rebound will be slow and with no power. Try different positions and you will find the balance point (you have to feel it)
reznet Apr 27, 2007
Can someone explain why he picked the balance point he did? They all seemed to bounce about the same.