This is an original piece I composed for you which involves the concept of holding down notes while playing others. In this piece you will be playing more then one moving melodic voice with only one hand. "Handsmarts" actually has two separate voices all within the right hand. The top voice has the stems going up, while in the lower voice the stems are pointing down. Practice this slowly and pay attention to my recommended fingerings to get you started. It is important to connect the melodic lines smoothly for each voice. Start very slowly and gradually build up the tempo. Take your time and have patience!

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by Mixmax3d
by LiamBrzezinski
davidflinders Sep 15, 2010
Does the tie between the fingerings mean you switch the fingering while holding the note or is it a choice thing? I'm new to reading. Thanks for your help.
martyfan Apr 20, 2010
Etudes are brilliant, I love the idea of making music and learning at the same time, and doesn't the beginning bit remind you of Wishful Thinking by John Petrucci?
HFMusic Feb 22, 2010
jbevil4281 Jan 7, 2009
terrific in the techniques for evenness of tempo and legato - I enjoyed it
fittonk Mar 26, 2007
This is a lovely melodic exercise in legato playing that gives an excellent workout to the fingers especially if you have a small hand like mine! This is a very valuable lesson in technique.