1 5 7 4 1 and Up a Fifth

This progression follows the same idea as the "1 5 7 and Up a Fourth" exercise (Harmony - Intermediate - 3) except with two more chords added to the pattern. Throughout each repetition of the progression, the bass note will remain the same (for instance, you will play C in the bass until you move up to the G major chord in measure 3, in which case you will start playing G in the bass). Follow the numbers in this progression just as you would for any of the previous progressions. Remember that in the case of these progressions, the 7 chord is based off the minor seventh above the root note. Once you reach the end of the progression, move the whole thing up a perfect fifth and begin again.

Don't forget, once you feel comfortable with this exercise, try different chords, different starting inversions, or comp over the chords. Think of anything you can do to make music.

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by LiamBrzezinski