One Last Time Am

One of the most important things to learn as a performing keyboardist is how to play accompaniment (comp). Many times, keyboardists are given basic chords and are expected to play something. The question is WHAT? In this exercise we will begin to examine this question.

As shown in the exercise, the chord progression is Am, G, Em, F. As you become comfortable with the notes that are shown, feel free to change the voicings of the chords, or add in some more interesting rhythms. Just remember to always be creative and experiment!

The next few exercises will focus on different ways to experiment with this basic pattern.

Record yourself performing this lesson and get feedback from the OC community!

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by Mixmax3d
by LiamBrzezinski
Fir3nz3 Mar 18, 2012
Having learned and practiced all of my chords from the root position for years, I find it remarkably difficult to simply think about a chord and play the inversion withought a thought about creating it from the root position. This is a great exercise! It made me realize I need to force my brain to accept a more flexible approach to making chords!