Exercise: Intro 5 Finger

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by tlbutler57
charlesnorth Nov 5, 2015
I have a question for anyone from here. I just got a keyboardit has 88 keys. Is this agood place to start for a begginer?
Buddha77 May 26, 2014
Recently bought my first keyboard after playing guitar for many years. being a huge DT fan this was the first place i looked for info on playing. very very helpful. thanks for taking the time to make these vids and lessons. love your apps too. geo synth and morphwiz are in regular use. live and at home. thank you.
stephenjay May 31, 2013
Thank you Jordan for this site and making all the great teaching available to all for a low one time price. Excellent and very encouraging. Please come and play in Tampa Bay Fl soon!!!
Conna_baybay Sep 4, 2012
These videos are proof that, before Jordan became a wizard, he was actually used to be an ordinary, unbearded man.
risen Feb 8, 2012
I would always do the major's but to incorporate the minor as well now that's a work out
Serge Apr 4, 2009
Tonyz Apr 4, 2009
Love the exercise! gets those fingers working in-between those black keys.
AutobotJazz Feb 24, 2009
If you don't mind Jordan... I'll begin a little slower. This tempo is too high. But I like this video.
Quickdraw Jan 15, 2009
That is a very good warmup. Once you master that bump the tempo up... Killer!
Adilinar May 11, 2008
Why does his piano sound sounds so good ! ! and mine doesn't >.< and I have the same keyboard ! :( Hahaha, this is a very good exercise to warm up!
Kasou Mar 19, 2008
GREAT n useful Conservatory! :D
Scaarub Jan 15, 2008
Very good =] ive been searching the internet for ages, but i cant find anything even 1/16th as good as the things here! only got my keyboard today; always knew rudess was the king. who better to learn from?
lakepep Oct 24, 2007
Great way to stay focused & coordinatede both hands!
FRETPICK Jul 5, 2007
That's harder then it looks. Amazing exercise.
Goodi Apr 11, 2007
Wish they taught me all the stuff way back now I am a fustrated musician trying to control my fingers