Exercise: Inverted 5 Finger

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Tonyz Feb 13, 2012
Love this exercise. you have to stay focused or you'll end up messing up the fingering. With me when I lose my concentration my hands end up mirroring each other or end up playing octives.
kerosima Aug 8, 2011
Wow, harder than it looks! Very good for warming up.
Gregor_Wossilus Jul 18, 2011
The fourth and fifth fingers are my week points as I realized after a long break in practicing the piano. So thank you not only for this simple yet very helpful exercise but also for rebuilding my confidence - I am not the only one with weak fourth and fifth fingers out there! :-) Great exercise!
cpt-nemo Jan 4, 2011
RainstormRich Sep 6, 2008
Yes, this is definitely something worth practicing! Thanks for the lesson.
dguser Oct 16, 2007
This is not easy at it looks. A solid exercise.
Goodi Aug 19, 2007
Nice !