D Blues Scale

Here is an outline of the D blues scale (D, F, G, G#/Ab, A, C). The fingering for this scale changes as you progress up the scale, so pay attention to which finger you should be using. I use the fifth finger at the top of this run, here, the F.

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by Pariah Octave
by LiamBrzezinski
havyck Aug 11, 2016
Which chords do we use with blues scales?
havyck Aug 11, 2016
I always forget about the blues scales!
ajames Nov 27, 2014
sbliss, apparently a little under 2 years or so...
sbliss Jan 7, 2013
Guys how quickly are posts responded here? i am newbie and i am not young either.
erkinsley@yahoo.com Jun 10, 2009
If I don't know where I am going next I will try to end on my middle finger so to have max fingers available to go either way. I think we are saying the same thing but I have a different reason.
ebstudent May 6, 2009
If you follow this fingering for the descending scale, I made a choice to either finish on the 3rd finger or use the 4th finger on the final G# to make it easier to end on the thumb. I'm wondering if blues scales encourages one to be more flexible with fingerings.