Mirroring 1-5 Exercise

This exercise is a variation of the Basic Major 1-5 Exercise. Both hands occupy the same five-finger pattern; however, the left hand begins in the middle of the pattern while the right hand starts at the beginning of the pattern. Start slowly and make sure your fingers play precisely together.

You can vary this exercise by playing E, F, G, F, E, D, C in the left hand at the beginning instead of what is shown. Try switching the two parts so that your right hand begins in the middle of the pattern.

Five different keys are notated; however, you should continue the pattern until you have covered every key.

Record yourself performing this lesson and get feedback from the OC community!

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by Herbert Vincent
by Mixmax3d
by LiamBrzezinski
niek_pas Mar 25, 2011
Very cool, but difficult as hell. Eb major is the worst. It's so awkward to play, especially in the right hand.
lohanM Jan 5, 2011
Good training
BoukenJima Mar 15, 2010
Very interesting lesson.
jogviolin Feb 7, 2010
Great Brain training
sroliveira Dec 24, 2008
Good exercise
Goodi Nov 26, 2007
Brain Twister !