Three Note Accent Exercise 2

The notes in this exercise are exactly the same as in the former exercise, but the rhythms have been altered. In addition to playing this exercise as written, try holding down the first note of each measure until you are forced to play that same note again. In other words, in measure 1, try holding the C a full three beats while you play the D and E that are in the middle of beat 2.

Also, in order to cover all of your fingers with this exercise, continue the pattern after the last measure by playing the same phrase but with E, F, and G (your middle, ring, and pinky fingers, respectively).

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by xyzvader
by Herbert Vincent
by Mixmax3d
by LiamBrzezinski
shabba Apr 25, 2022
For the person asking about the count, I think it would be 1 2 3-e-a 4-e-and-a.... Apr 6, 2021
People dont forget to continue the exercise for E F G which is not there in the notation and the MIDI file. However it is told to do so in the text instruction.
Herbert Vincent May 13, 2020
Great exercise
Herbert Vincent May 9, 2020
Good!! Awsome Exercise
charlesnorth Mar 14, 2016
Goodi, did you find out if the way you were counting it was correct? That is the way that I was counting it.
JBCollinet Apr 17, 2011
Ah! I love exercises when you have to let a finger down: it challenges you NOT to tense all of the other fingers (and the whole arm+shoulders).
Goodi Feb 18, 2008
How about counting for this one I am trying 1 2 3 E + A 4 E + A ? would this be correct ?
RichardHK Apr 23, 2007
Practise makes perfect, right? You just proved it to yourself. Nothing special except to keep going!
SerFox Mar 13, 2007
Hey, after a bit of practise and getting it down I can do this. Am I speshul?