Three Notes Accented in 7/8 Time

The world is hypnotized by 4/4 time. It is a personal mission of mine to end the hypnosis and give the mind a chance to free itself from "rock slop/post-pop/hip-hop/trance/bop" syndrome. To do this, we must explore other time signatures.

This exercise is a simple, three note pattern that repeats over a grouping of seven. As with the other accent exercises, the accented note at the start of each measure alternates from C to D and so on.

If you are new to odd time signatures, the best way to first understand 7/8 time is to think of 4/4. If you count eighth notes in 4/4 time, you will count to eight before repeating the pattern, but if you are in 7/8 time, you will only count to seven before returning to beat 1. Try counting out loud so you can hear the different feel that seven creates.

As always, use the standard five-finger pattern and feel free to switch hands, play with both hands, or come up with your own exercises that build off this concept. Start slowly until you feel comfortable with the notes and feel of 7/8.

Record yourself performing this lesson and get feedback from the OC community!

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by Mixmax3d
by Herbert Vincent
by LiamBrzezinski
jandvorak Jul 24, 2011
I like this kind of experiments with meter, unfortunately most of people does not... I haven't found odd meter musicians yet :(
JBCollinet Apr 17, 2011
Drummer first and keyboardist second... then returning to drums(and returning to keyboard, etc)! I doesn't look like it, but drums and keyboards have a lot in common...
niek_pas Mar 28, 2011
Sometimes it's great to be a drummer first and keyboardist second... :D
Crothon Sep 13, 2010
AMEN JR! love the term too. Time for a break through right?
dida Sep 6, 2008
"rock slop/post-pop/hip-hop/trance/bop" syndrome?
RainstormRich Jul 24, 2008
Yes, same for me; not quite as easy as I first imagined. But you can progress at this pretty quickly which is good.
Adilinar Jun 22, 2007
Niceee, lol I tought this was gonna be easy but yah as you said, used to the 4/4 time signatura >.< its coming along though. thanks Jordan!