Trills, Anyone?

Close your eyes. Imagine your fingers striking the keyboard. With ease, your ring finger and pinky dance along the keyboard with the same dexterity and security as your other fingers...

A dream? Perhaps, but practice can help to make this a reality.

In addition to playing this exercise as shown, you can also play the same line in both hands or even extend the length of each trill. Try playing each trill for two beats instead of one, and then you can accent each note of the trill if you focus on accenting each beat. Remember to cover each and every key.

Be creative! Music is all about freedom of expression. Don't let anything hold you down!

Record yourself performing this lesson and get feedback from the OC community!

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by Mixmax3d
by LiamBrzezinski
kaizze Oct 28, 2020
I'm getting serious hannon vibes from this
dida Dec 1, 2011
What are you saying Gustavo? F can only be written in 2 ways: F itself and E#. Not in "many" ways. Sep 9, 2011
Just out of curiosity. Is there any reason, why this exercise ends in A major, and do not go through B flat and B, to complete the chromatic cycle?
tuckandroll Mar 20, 2011
Using adobe5, I get a message that it can't decript the file when trying to see notation. Any suggestions
Pantsofeternity Aug 11, 2010
Very nice. Just out of curiosity, I find that my right-hand pinky tends to fly upward whenever I play this exercise. Is this a sign that I need more finger strength, or is this natural for players at any level of strength because the fourth and fifth fingers share a tendon?
jamesj Apr 14, 2010
Really cool exercise. I've just joined the Online Conservatory.
jogviolin Feb 7, 2010
I´m having fun with this exercise, i´m trying to do it also in minor.
dida Jul 17, 2008
hehe nice ending!
jdl2005 Mar 25, 2008
Yeah, since he already had an F in that there is an F sharp, he had to sharp the E to add an F natural in there without having excessive and confusing natural signs and sharps canceling each other mid-measure.
Goodi Feb 18, 2008
seems to have a few skips in the MP3 file.
Adilinar Jun 29, 2007
I see, thanks!
Gustavo Jun 27, 2007
its the same, there is no mistake, f can be written in many forms
Adilinar Jun 21, 2007
On 3rd meassure there is an E# >.< Is it reffering to F? Or was it a mistake?